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This information is outdated but is being left to give recognition to the previous owner and will be updated as the site evolves.

My name is Tim Brandt and I have over 15 years experience collecting and restoring bicycles.

Anyone can spray paint, but how many can do it correctly to factory specifcations?  In my many years of collecting I have seen lots of shiny bicycles.  Althought shiny, a majority of these bicycles are painted incorrectly.  The darts, spears and pinstripping are  based on the painter's interpretation which doesn't always mirror the way the bicycles were painted originally.  At Bicycle Chronicles we strive for perfection and authentic restorations.  Painstaking detail is taken to ensure your bicycle looks the way it did the day it was made.  This means using the right measurements and materials.

Althought we specialize in prewar Schwinn bicycles, we paint all makes and models. 


With a majority of our restorations we also offer period correct hardware including fasteners, nuts, etc.


We also offer sheetmetal work, fender rolling, wheel spoking, plating and some fabrication services.


We also specialize in restoring triangular shaped Stewart Warner speedometers. 


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